Women: This Is Why It’s Totally Fine Not To Love Babies!

As a woman  you are unquestionably supposed to love babies. You’re supposed to squirm of joy every time you see a bald little screaming baby. When questioned on your views on motherhood you’re expected to immediately succumb to the idea. After all you’re a woman right? Your supposed to LOVE the idea of having children.



We’re also supposed to keep fit, have a full time job, know how to cook , how to clean and be incredible in bed! And after all of that we are still supposed to be enthralled at the idea of popping out a baby thats on average 14 inches wide!!!! Really???
And after all that work, guess who’s name your baby gets? Yep, that’s right. Not yours. It get’s its fathers surname.
Let’s see what happens after you give birth.
You’re magically supposed to get back to your pre-baby body. You know why? Because super models and celebrities do it, so you are expected to as well.  But you won’t have the time to go to the gym cause  you will be managing a baby and a full time job. But that’s no excuse! If Adriana Lima was ready for the Victoria Secret annual cat walk show two weeks after giving birth, you should too! (Explaining that she has multiple personal trainers, and probably a whole entire army by her side to get her back in shape…won’t count.)
Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney leave apartment building with baby North in the stroller, NYC
So now you have a baby a few months have passed and you’re supposed to jump right back into full time employment. Are you fucking kidding me?
Like in what universe does this sound like fun?
No, thanks. I don’t need a baby to prove to the world that I am a woman. I am a woman, because I was born one. And whenever I feel like having a baby it will be entirely when I feel like it, not because I feel pressured to.
And let’s be honest… what’s cuter…