What Would You Do With Five Extra Years? These Kids’ Answers Broke My Heart.

There are many contributing factors to why children’s life expectancy is being cut short. In a report by “Design to Move,” backed by Nike the average lifespan of the younger is expected to be five years less than their parents’.  People are becoming more and more inactive, which is leading them to live a very sedentary life–which in the long run contributes to a shorter life span.  According to the report “Physical activity in the United States has declined 32 percent and is expected to drop to 46 percent by 2030.”  Perhaps it’s a mixture of technology and work, but whatever it is we have to start moving! The British Medical Journal Open, reducing sitting to less than three hours a day can add an additional two years life expectancy.


The study is also finding that the first 10 years of a child’s life provide a crucial time for creating commitment to physical activity.  Children are dropping out of physical activity earlier then ever before! European children are 50 percent less active by fifteen than when they were 9, and in the U.S., children are 75 percent less active at age 15 than at 9.