Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Puglia, Italy.

The beaches of Puglia, Italy are a hidden secret that not many people know about. When thinking about beaches and towns to visit in the south of Italy, the Amalfi Coast and Positano come to mind. However, Italy has much more to offer then those two coastal towns.

Below are 10 breathtaking beaches worth a visit in Puglia.


1. The Maldives of Salento 

This beautiful beach known as the Maldive of Salento is famous for it’s golden sandy beaches and crystal blue water.  This area streches from Torre Pali to Pescoluse and all the way to Torre Vado. The water is clean and  so clear, making it perfect for swimming and relaxing. I’ve never been to the maldives but this beach is truly worthy of it’s name.

2.  Baia Dei Turchi

Literally meaning the bay of the Turks, this bay is where the Turkish soldiers landed during the Otranto battle in the fifteenth century. This heavenly white beach is nestled in the cliff, surrounded by the pine forest and scented Mediterranean scrub. This dreamy sea offers the perfect swimming experience.


3.  Torre Dell’Orso, Melendugno

This thin 1.5km stretch of pristine sand is in the Melendugno region of Puglia. It’s most striking feature is the ‘two sisters’ – twin rock stacks that stand side-by-side close to the beach. It is also surrounded by rock cliffs full of interesting caves and is backed by a lush pine forest.


4. Torre Lapillo Bay, Porto Cesareo

This huge bay provides a sandy pathway between the Torre Lapillo and Torre Chianca lighthouse towers. It has rolling sand dunes, pretty seaside houses to admire and crystalline shallow water – perfect to while away an afternoon on a family holiday in Italy.

5. San Pietro in Bevagna Beach, Maruggio

This protected beach in the Maruggio region is usually deserted. Bask in the luxury and peace of just you, azure sea and white sand dunes. If you prefer a bit of civilisation on your holiday in Italy, there are parts of the beach that are serviced too, so you can enjoy the peace from a comfy lounger and have cool drinks within easy reach.