This Isn’t About Feminism, This Is About Equal Rights!

Demanding to get paid the same as men shouldn’t be considered being a feminist, it’s just basic equal rights. If I am expected to do the same work as someone else, I expect to get paid exactly the same. Being paid less because I was born a woman is degrading, and it’s a sign of how women are completely undervalued.

Scandinavia is unsurprisingly at the forefront and is making great strides in getting closer to putting an end to pay inequality in the work force, however, the sad reality is that women world wide are still getting paid substantially less than men.

A report by Wells Fargo, shows college-educated men made $20,000 more per year than women with the exact same education and degree! What’s even more crazy is that the Institute for Women’s Policy research shows that even in occupations dominated by women, men still earn more. Even Famous  Celebrities, with top earning salaries are still not earning as much as their male co-stars! Take Jennifer Lawrence as an example, she has won an oscar, has a huge fan-base and is totally the “IT” girl of the moment, yet she still made $12 million less then her less known American Hustle co-star Bradley Cooper!


So now you know that women are paid less in pretty much every single occupations. Below are 5 facts you might have not known about!

1. The pay gap gets worse with age! After 35 a woman will approximately only make 75% of what men are paid.

2. The pay gap is worse for women of color. Hispanic women’s salaries show the biggest gap. They only make 54% of white men’s earnings.

3. Women face a pay gap in every single occupation!

4. Education plays no role in the gender pay gap. At even the highest level of academic achievement, women’s average earnings are less than men’s earnings.

5. Women without children also suffer from the pay cap. AAUW’s Gradating to Pay Gap discovered that among all full-time workers on year after graduation, all without children, still made 82 percent less then what their male counterparts were paid.