This Is How They Used To Treat People With ADHD…Terrifying!

If you happen to suffer from ADHD be happy that you live in modern times.

ADHD is a disorder that causes it’s sufferers difficulty sustaining focus. Luckily, there are lots of different methods including medication that makes keeping ADHD under control fairly easy.  However, back in the day, those people suffering from ADHD weren’t so lucky.

This bizarre helmet is called the Isolator and it was invented in 1925 and used to help increase focus and concentration.


A Great Disorder
The isolator was a device invented by Hugo Gernsback in the 1920s that was designed to help people who suffered from ADHD.


A Great Disorder
This terrifying looking helmet rendered the wearer deaf, pumping them full of oxygen and limiting their vision to a tiny horizontal slit so that they could only read one word at a time.  They believed this would help the user focus solely on the task in front of them.