This Chihuahua Rescue Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Hope For Paws found these three Chihuahuas living in a KFC parking lot. These poor darlings had been abandoned and thrown out like trash.

Unfortunately, for one of the pups, the rescue you came too late.

Abandoned Chihuahua

The rescuer started by luring the three Chihuahuas, one by one, with yummy treats. Soon enough they were wagging their tails, and happily taking food from him



A woman on a wheelchair came by and told the rescuer that she had been feeding them treats for a couple of weeks.


He tried to get three pups to go in the cage, but at first only managed to get the girls to go in.

The third Chiuhuaha soon allowed himself to be picked up, and was then placed in the cage with the others


After a nice bath, the three pups started wagging their tails with joy


Sadly, Penny died four days later due to the weak heart she had developed from the harsh life on the streets.

(source Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel)