These Poor Animals Almost Lost Their Lives Because Of Facebook


These poor little animals were sold on facebook and almost died.

Three adult Bengal slow lorises, and a palm civet kitten were brought into by the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand(WFFT). The woman who brought them in said they were being kept by friends after being purchased via Facebook.



One of the lorises has missing fingers, but it’s unclear on whether he lost before or during his time as a pet.


All four rescued animals were treated for their wounds and are currently in the Wildlife Rescue Hospital where they are being supervised by the WFFT Vet Team.


Their rescue is a harsh reminder of the realities of the illegal pet trade. Lorises, in particular, are funneled into the pet trade in devastating numbers; they often have their teeth cruelly clipped off and end up malnourished and abused.


While Asia’s thriving wildlife trade has a firm foundation in local markets and roadside animal vendors, it’s also spilled over into the online marketplace. These animals, like many others, were purchased through a social network; a 2014 investigation by the International Fund for Animal Welfare found tens of thousands of exotic animals and animal parts available for sale online in just 16 countries.


Even in the U.S., a quick Facebook search for “exotic animals for sale” turns up dozens — likely hundreds — of groups where people can swap monkeys, zebras, wild cats and any number of poorly regulated exotic pets. Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.

Of course, that’s a much bigger issue to tackle — and for now, WFFT is just worried about helping these little guys recover from their ordeal. They’re currently being treated at the group’s wildlife hospital.


“They will be suitable release candidates if they make full recoveries from the injuries sustained,” WFFT said of the lorises while noting that the civet kitten is young but very aggressive. “We will have to see how it goes over the next few days.”



If you’d like to help care for these animals and similar cases that WFFT treats, you can make a donation here.

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