The Reality of Type Casting When Three Non-White Actresses Show Up To An Audition.

Funny girl Tess Paras tackled a very true subject by doing a very well executed  parody of Lorde’s “Royals.”

We should really pressure the film industry into colour blind casting, which is the process of casting a role without considering the actors ethnicity.

And in case you want to sing along to the song. 🙂

Here it is:

I’m gonna play the white girl’s nerdy friend

[Of course]
I’m gonna play the white girl’s other friend
Who is sassy
[Omigod, you nailed that]
But she can’t have two black friends
[Two black friends?]
[It gets confusing]
And so I’m left out, I play the co-star nanny

Yeah, leading ladies are
Quirky, hipsters wearing vintage dresses
Tiny, pouty pixies, blue-eyed and precious
We don’t care
We’re Zooey Deschanel in our dreams

But every breakdown’s like
Sassy sidekick, bitchy nerd or neighbor
Oversexed Asian, urban girls with flavor
We don’t care
We’ll take any job right now we swear

And we’re gonna be Typecast
Everyone starts somewhere
I’ll be a nurse
A thug who’s tough
Any maid could look like us
You know what would be cooler
If I got my own series
And your own white friend,
Brown friend, beige friend, yellow friend
Submit all ethnicities