Serbian Woman To Sell Her Apartment In Order To Save Her Dog’s Life


A Serbian woman, Tanja Jankovic, 25 from Jagodina city, recently announced that she plans to sell her apartment so she can afford medical treatment for her beloved pet dog

Her dog Leo is suffering a life-threatning disease, and she needs to raise this money in order to save him

“Please help me,” she wrote on popular Serbian pet site. “A girl who is doing everything to save the life of a dog.”

The dog is suffering from aortic valve stenosis, that causes the narrowing of the aortic valve. When the valve doesn’t open properly, the heart must work harder to pump blood through it.

The only way to save the dog is through surgery.



At first she wanted to try to sell her washing machine for about $150, but she failed to find a buyer and also realized that she needed a lot more money to pay for all of her dogs treatment.



The vet is located in Belgrade, and it costs her about 20,000 Serbian dinar ($190) every time she brings Leo.

After realizing that she decided that the only way she was going to be able to save her dog, was through selling her apartment. “It’s only a one-bedroom apartment,” she said. “But it will be enough to pay for the operation and we can always rent afterwards. The main thing is that I get Leo back the way she previously was, so full of life and happy.”


If she manages to sell the apartment it will be enough to cover both the cost of the surgery as well as long-term medication that Leo will need for the rest of his life.


Photos: Tanja Jankovic