Meet The Adorable Dog That Was Rescued Moments From Being Brutally Butchered In Yulin’s Slaughterhouse

This adorable black and white dog is named Ricky.

Yulia-Saved from slaughter house

The Humane Society International, found this adorable black and white dog in a slaughterhouse last month during a trip to Yulin. He was found inside a filthy cage next to his friend, a dog called  Tom. China is getting ready for its brutal and downright disgusting Yulin dog meat festival, but one lucky dog was saved moments before this horrific event.


yulinHumane Society International

Ricky (black and white, right) and Tom (brown, middle) cower together before their rescue.

yulinHumane Society International

They were just moments away from being butchered before they were rescued.

Yulin-Dog-FestivalHumane Society International

The two dogs were both terrified and filthy.

Unfortunately, for Tom the rescue came too late, he was already sick due to the way he had been living and died days later. However, it is comforting to know that he spent his last few days on earth in the comfort of love. There are millions of other dogs just like Ricky who won’t be able to escape before June 22 dog meat festival. According to the Humane Society, as many as 10 million dogs are butchered for meat in China every single year.  It is estimated that 10,000 dogs will be killed for Yulin Festival alone.

 There is only one week left before the festival, and HSI is asking people to add their voices to those calling for it to be cancelled. You can sign the petition here, and donate to the anti-dog meat campaign here.