Meet ‘Roger’ The Mammoth Marsupial Who Likes To Crush Metal

Weighing in at 89kg this huge marsupial immediately draws comparison with bodybuilders for the size of his biceps.

roger huge kangaroo

Roger is 2 meters tall and weighs 89 kilograms. He lives at the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in TN.

roger huge kangaroo

The kangaroo’s favorite pastime is crushing his metal feeding buckets 

baby roger kangaroo

Roger was found on the side of the highway in his dead mother’s pouch in 2006

roger giant kangaroo

This is Roger now  weighing in at 89 kilograms and holding up a stuffed animal


Roger is known to be very protective over the female Kangaroos in the sanctuary, and will attack anyone who gets to close to them. (Better stay far, far away from those female kangaroos)

roger giant kangaroo

Roger’s daily exercise regime includes kickboxing with his fellow animals, chasing his carer and crushing buckets

(credit: Kangaroo Sanctuary/ Facebook)