Liv Austen’s “Don’t Regret a Single One” Music Video Is Here!


It’s well known that country artists from the U.S. have long dominated the scene, however, country newcomer,  Liv Austen proves that europeans can in fact deliver catchy,well written country tunes.

If you’re still having trouble imagining what non-American country music sounds like – I suggest you listen to her new single.

The video, which was shot in London, features Liv and her band in several different locations. The video was directed by Ben Trombacco, who also directed her previous music video.

“There were so many amazing experiences filming this video – I’m going to have to go with walking in to the amazing studio we used, Chromaquay, and seeing my name in massive lights! I’ll never forget that!”

This is Liv Austen’s new video for “Don’t Regret a Single One.”

According to Liv, “the song is about not having regrets, and just laughing at the mistakes you’ve made. It is a bit of a revenge song as well to be honest! It’s a message to guys I used to be have a crush with “don’t flatter yourself – you were just another experience, and I’m over it!”


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