Italian Artist Paints Surreal Hyperrealistic Paintings Of Women

Marco Grassi, is an Italian artist working in Milan, he’s best known for his surreal hyper-realistic paintings that cause many to take a second look. His subjects are mainly beautiful female subjects in a standard studio setting. The paintings become phenomenal by the way he adorns his characters with a surreal twist.

For example, in one painting, he covers his subjects back with a tribal motif that seems to be carved into her back revealing a totally hollow interior. Others include a women with glowing tattoos, and another with a shield-like puristic jewelry around her neck. Even with these little unrealistic details, the paintings still appear to be photoshopped photographs rather than actual paintings. 

The Italian Artist says that the contrast between the warmth and softness of the human body and the colder, harsher materials he includes “allows the human body to act like a shell with a wonderful surface but with an emptiness inside.”

The Italian artist has told  The Huffington Post that he usually invests two-three months into each painting due to the “complexity of the design and the technique of realization.”