Elephant Paints Amazing Self-Portrait!

These guys below are giving Picasso a run for his money, they are giving a whole new meaning to expressionism.  I am beyond impressed. My first initial thought was that this must be some kind of hoax, but after doing a lot of research– I found out that all of the paintings below have actually been done by Elephants.

Does creativity also exist in the animal kingdom? Some people say this is merely a learned skill and that their is absolutely no creativity involved.

Regardless, these paintings below show extraordinary ability!



Noppakhao – also known as Peter – shows an impressive use of colours

Painting Elephants

That is Suda, an Elephant who seems to have mastered the art of painting.


Elephant Art

What an amazing  level of control and focus that the elephant embodies in order to create these beautiful compositions.















This was painted by a Thai Elephant named Somjai! Incredible right?


Elephant Painting






A beautiful self-portrait.




Boombim’s amazing art is being sold to help save the diminishing number of Asian elephants remaining on our planet.


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Below is a video demonstrating one of the talented Elephants artist in action!