Devastated Dog Owner Offers £4000 Reward For Safe Return Of Missing Bulldog ‘Ralph’

A DEVASTATED dog owner is offering a hefty reward for information after his bulldog went missing.

Charlie Groom’s  two and half year old Bulldog Ralph went missing from his home in Ilford.


Charlie says his family isn’t complete without Ralph ” He fitted in so well now our family isnt whole. I cant stand the thought of him being inside of a cage. He didn’t like other dogs and  used to panic and back down all the time. Had panic attacks outside of the house or around other dogs.”

ralph + girl

(Charley’s daughter Tilly with Ralph)

“He was lovely like a son to me and ended up being like a brother. Used to talk to him like he was a person, he had a really stubborn personality and was quite funny.”

Mr. Groom believes he was stolen, ” Two indian looking men ages 20-26 knocked a few months before he went missing at about 10.30pm. Was very strange. Claimed to have a farm in hertfordshire. Believe they are responsible as they said he wasnt ready to breed for few months.”



They are offering  a £4000 reward for his safe return. “Even if you have him, I will buy him back.” they said.



If you have any information on who could have taken him please get in touch with them


” I used to fall asleep with him. He was always scared to leave the house no matter what. Only used to like going in the back garden. Still doesnt like going outside. I used to make little forts for him under the dining table because he used to love getting all cosy.” said Charlie.


ralph + friend

Ralph with his buddy Arthur

 “More members of the family are putting money into reward money. We all miss him,” said Mr. Groom

ralph and friend

ralph + girl 2

Can you help reunite  Ralph back to this beautiful family?

We urge anyone with any information to contact them on here

Or email Charlie directly at