Delicious Foods That Are Filled With Surprises

Ball Of Fire

ball of fire


Helbell77 Instagram

I would personally feel a bit nervous about having this flaming ball of fire in front of me, but what’s inside makes it worth it.

Pizza Bomb

pizza bomb


Dajeong__ /Instagram

Yep, it’s pizza! This incredible innovative pizza bomb is from an Italian Restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. Although, we’re not sure how it actually tastes, we would give it a try!

El Coco

el coco

Restaurant, Caracol has an incredible popular dessert called El Coco, a perfecly round chocolate cocunut shell.

crackGood Taste

El Coco comes with a little hammer that you use to crack open the outer shell, revealing a delicious whipped coonut buttercream,ganache and streusel.  Yum!

Mystery Ball
mystery ballYouTube

At first, this ball doesn’t look like much of a dessert at all.


But then…

cream ball

Pour hot chocolate drizzle on it and the white chocolate breaks to reveal another strawberry mini strawberry dessert inside.

The Chocolate Ball


She Knows

Yep, you’ve guessed it. This ball opens up to an incredible dessert.

strawberry bals

The dark chocolate chips,strawberries, handmade ice cream along with caramel syrup make this dessert truly irresistible.