Cruel Russian Artist Uses Real Fish As Facial Accessories

Elya Bulochka, a Russian makeup artist is using dead fish as facial accessories for a marine-themed photo shoot.

The Russian makeup artist is facing a ton of backlash after posting photos of dead fish on model’s faces as makeup to her Instagram account. fish_accessories

Ms. Bulochka first shared a picture of her holding a bag of newly purchased fishes captioned: ‘Guess what I’m going to be wearing today?’


She then posted photos of models wearing mermaid makeup that included dead angelfish,neon tetra, and other small fish. Lots of her followers asked if they were real and she confirmed they were ‘already dead. Same as in your dining plates.’


She continued posting more pictures until she decided to delete her instagram account


fish 4

The makeup artist posted a photo of herself wearing sardines on her face and wrote: : “Now I want to play you in a game of ‘double standards’ spot 10 differences.” She claims that meat eaters do not have the right to complain as they also deal with dead fish. However, their is clearly a huge difference between eating a fish and just throwing them away.

fish 2