BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Threatens a Nuclear Attack Against Europe

The GOP front-runner shook the media once again on Wednesday, when he threatened a nuclear attack against the Swedish Rock Legends, if they don’t get their sh*t together and finally release a good record.

Donald Trump Threatens Europe

Quoting The Donald himself:

“I remember, it was 1986…1986 was such a beautiful year! I was sitting in my office, working on the 2nd best book ever written after the Bible: The Art of the Deal. So I was sitting there, and during a break, I turned on the radio: that’s the first time I heard The Final Countdown.

That keyboard intro…I clearly remember thinking out loud: THIS IS YUUUGE!!!

And then that drum fill, those big guitars and those crystal clear vocals…such a beautiful song.

I must admit that I was caught by surprise when I found out that the band wasn’t actually American, but from Sweden.

I used to love Sweden! It was such a beautiful country back in the 80’s, before Radical Islam took over and turned it into a war-zone.

However, that was 1986, 30 years ago…what has the band done ever since?

Well, people of America, I promise you that if I get elected President of the United States, I’ll get Europe to release an album just as good, or even better than The Final Countdown within my first 3 months in the White House!

How am I going to do that? Ah ah ah…believe me! I will!

What do you mean how? I will do it, and it’s going to be beautiful.

How? Again?…listen, I’m going to be commander in chief of the world’s most powerful Country…we have Nuclear Weapons, what the hell do you mean “how?” Get out!”

We are still awaiting to hear the band’s response.