Best Dog Breeds For Seniors.

Dog lovers across the world don’t hesitate to declare their passion for their four-legged friends. From morning walks to evening snuggles, their dog is their constant companion, the very reason they trudge through the snow or the heat with a smile on their face.

And that happiness shouldn’t end after you’re “over the hill,” so to speak. Seniors are more susceptible to loneliness, require more exercise than they normally get, and are looking for ways to “de-stress,” just like younger people.

Read on as we explore the 15 best dogs breeds for seniors. Make room for a bit more love in your life.

1. Bichon Frise

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This white fluff is incredibly cheerful and happy, perfect for late afternoon snuggles on your lap. They don’t require too much exercise—just one or two walks a day. Plus, this dog isn’t dominant and is easily trained, without force. The bichon frise is a very welcome guest in any senior’s home.