Baby Orangutan Who Misses Mom Hugs Herself For Comfort


This is Joss, a 2-year old orangutan, who was recently rescued. from his life as an exotic pet by International Animal rescue (IAR).  This poor darling has been so traumatized by her past, that it’s left her totally broken.

“She has a haunted, fearful expression in her eyes,” IAR wrote. “[She] is so deeply traumatized by her past that she has developed a number of distressing coping behaviours.”

The video below shows how psychologically damaged this poor little ape is. In the video she hugs herself itghtly as she violently slams herself into the floor. Over, and over again she picks herself up, each time throwing herself to the ground.

When a carer tries to reach out for Joss, she moves away with and bangs her head into the wall.

This my dear friends, is sad look of captivity.


To help IAR care for Joss and the other orphans in their care, you can make a donation here.