Amazing Celebrity Kids Grown Up

The media talks about celebrities every single day. What isn’t talked about as often (and probably for good reason)? The children of these celebrities, who are often times even more stunning than their talented parents. We have compiled a list of A-list children who are not only VERY good looking but are showing their own budding talents and ambition for the limelight. From Hannah Selleck to Brittany Favre, these are the most promising heirs to the throne Hollywood has to offer.

Lily Rose Depp

Lily Rose is the beautiful daughter of French actress, Vanessa Paradis, and bad boy rocker and actor, Johnny Depp. Lily Rose, at the age of 17, has already left her mark on Hollywood. Her modeling debut was for the powerhouse designer, Chanel (a fabulous way to start a modeling career), and has had some small roles in independent films. Depp is also an advocate for gender fluidity in society, which she considers herself on the spectrum of.

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