9 Reasons You’re Having A Quarter Life Crisis

1. You studied a pretty useless degree, and have finally realized it!

At the time, following your dream, and perusing a career in the arts seemed like a grand idea, that would result in living a wonderful bohemian lifestyle. However, no one warned you that you’d end up spending the next decade doing unpaid internships at an art gallery run by a bunch of pricks.


2. You’re in DEPT!

So not only did you study something useless that will never make you any money, but you’re also hugely indebted by your enormous student loan.


3. You’re living with your parents (AGAIN!)

Yes, it’s okay, you don’t have to make excuses. We get it, the housing market is tough.


3. You have a roommate, and maybe even more than one

You are past your college years, you can no longer deal with having people moving in and out of your house.


4. You hate your job

So let’s say you actually manage to get a ‘real’ job, but then you realize you actually hate it and have lost all sense of purpose. You ask yourself daily, “Is this life?”


 5. You update your Facebook more than you should 

You write and erase status updates countless amount of times, you can’t ever actually answer the question “What’s on your mind?”


6.  You constantly compare yourself to friends who are your age 

“Omg, I can’t believe they are buying a condo…I can barley afford rent”


7. You compulsively change your lifestyle…every other day

You also change your mind daily and go from aspiring to be like Ghandi to Lady Gaga in a matter of days.


8. You doubt everything

“Should I go out today? No,no…I Shouldn’t.”

9. You’re paranoid

You think everyone is secretly trying to conspire against you. You’re certain someone has put a curse on you.