9 Of The Most Fascinating Castles And Palaces Ever Built!

#1 Himeji Castle


The Himeji Castle was constructed in the early 1330s  as a fort on the Himayema hill by  Akamatsu Norimura. In 1600 Takugawa Ieyasu  gave the Castle to his son-in-law Ikeda Terumasa as a reward for helping him win the Battle of Sekigara. Ikeda remodeled the Castle by adding three moats and transforming it into what is today.

#2 Prague Castle


This is a Church built around  the  870´s. This was the Czech Republic´s first walled building. Which is know the official residence and office of the president since 1918.

#3 Malbork Castle


Malbork, Poland has the largest Castle in the world by surface and it´s also the largest brick building in Europe. It was built by the Teutonic Knights in Prussia which was an Empire in the  1200´s.  It´s location is next to the southeastern bank of the Nogat river, which allowed easy access for trading shops that came from the Baltic Sea.

#4 Windsor Castle


The Windsor Castle in the English country of Berkshire is a royal residence at Windsor. It has a long association with the British Royal family. It has medieval foundations accomplished by   Edward III.

#5 Hagia Sophia


This use to be a Greek church and later an imperial mosque, but know it´s a museum in Stanbul, Turkey.  Hagia Sophia is one the surviving examples of Byzantine Architecture.

#6 Alhambra Palace


The Alhambra is an Islamic Palace built for the last Muslim emirs in Spain, located in Granada, Andalusia. It was a place for refuges while  the ¨Reconquista¨ by Spanish Christians  was taking place, winning battles over Al Andalus.

#7 Buda Castle


This Hungarian Castle/Palace has a lot of history. It was first completed in 1256 in Budapest. The medievel palace was destroyed when buda was captured in the great siege of 1686 by allied Christian forces. It became the residence of the new Habsburg palantine of the Kingdom of Hungary.

#8 Neuschwanstein Palace


This nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival Place in Bavaria , Germany is located on top of a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau. This Palace can be regarded as a typical nineteenth-century architecture.

#9 Mont Saint-Michel


Mont Sant Michel is an island in Normandy, France. In prehistoric times the Mont was on dry land. It´s called Saint-Micheal because legend says that in 708 the Archangel Michael appeared before St. Aubert, bishop of Avranches, and orderd him not once , but twice to build an oratory in this rocky tidal island.