7 Seven Deadly Sins Of Insomnia!

When falling asleep has become a job in itself it’s time to start eliminating the seven deadly sins of insomnia!



You’re drinking coffee throughout the day! No wonder you can’t sleep at night! Restrict yourself to no caffeine after 4 p.m!

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Hot Baths Before Bed

Yup, that’s right! Contrary to popular belief taking a bath actually delays your body’s ability to shut down because it needs to cool down first! So skip the bath and take a quick shower!

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Checking your friends Facebook status’s can wait till the morning! And all electronics should be turned off at least 30 minutes before bed. Electronics keep stimulating the brain not allowing you to shut down.

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Working Out

Make sure you’re working out at least 4 fours before going to bed because you might just get a boost of energy after exercising which won’t allow you to sleep!


working out



Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills may become addictive after continuous use, therefore making it really hard to fall asleep without the news of pills.

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Long Naps

Taking long naps (over 20 minutes) will interrupt your ability to sleep at night! So try to hold off on the naps and just go to bed earlier if you’re tired!

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Worry is our number one enemy when it comes to not being able to fall asleep! Try not to think of anything that worry’s you! Remember that there is little to nothing you can do at night so it’s best to leave all your to do list for the morning!