61 Thoughts Everyone Has Had While Doing Hot Yoga


61 thoughts everyone has had doing hot yoga


1.Has anyone ever died from doing hot yoga?

2.  Why am I doing this to myself?

3. This better be healthy, I feel like I’m dying

4. Is it even safe to practice in this heat?

5. Is everyone else as sweaty as me?

sweating like a pig gif

6. Oh God, it’s in my eye

7. This is so gross

8. I’m sweating like crazy

7. I can’t see.

8. Is this normal?

my freaking vagina is sweating gif

9. I can’t believe the class just started

10. I’m so soaked

11. It’s too hot

12. Why am I doing this?

13. How can people do this?

14. Who did I write down as my emergency contact?

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15. This really can’t be healthy

16. Oh no, I’ve drank all my water

17. I should bring two towels next time

18. I don’t think I can go on

19. Concentrate..

20. I think I’m going to pass out

21. Did I even eat before coming here?

22. Was I supposed to eat?

23. What if I pass out?

24. Am I even doing this right?

25.How the hell am I supposed to do that?

yoga gif

26. I’m so not flexible

27. This is like pure torture

28. I’m never doing this again

29. I’ll never be a great yogi

30. Why isn’t the person next to me sweating?

31. What’s wrong with him?


32. I’m definitely going to pass out

33. That would be so embarrassing

34. I feel slightly light headed

35. Is everyone else feeling the same?

36. I’m so confused right now

37. Am I even doing this right?

38. Oh God,  I can’t anymore

39 Someone just open the freaking window

40. Do not breathe through your mouth

41. I recognize that pose

42. OMG, It’s almost the end

43. That’s definitely the last pose before final breathing

44. I’v made it

45. I love final breathing

46. This was so great

Yoga gif

47. Laying here feels amazing

48. I’m so proud of myself

49. I can’t wait to come back

50. This was the best class ever

51. I feel like a million pounds lighter

52. I wonder if I’ve lost weight already

53. I feel so amazing

54.I’m so connected to the world right now

55. I wanna be a yoga teacher

56.  I just wanna do yoga all day long

57. Everyone should try it

58. OMG, I’m so sweaty I can’t believe i have to walk home looking like this

59.Oh whatever, I feel so fabulous right now.

60. I think I’m dehydrated

61. But I feel awesome