4:44 Last Day On Earth Review

4:44 Last Day on Earth:   william


Solar disaster.



Dir. Abel Ferrara.

Willem Dafoe.

Shanyn Leigh.



Who remembers when Willem Dafoe made films where he DIDN’T whip his old man junk out? I know, it seems ages ago. Well, this is another chance for Willy to get his willy out and poke a younger woman in eye-watering close-up.

He’s a movie star (but not himself) and he lives in a New York loft with his artist girlfriend, played here by someone you’ve neither seen before or since. They spend their time screwing, arguing, ordering in and watching people in other buildings throw themselves to their deaths as the date of the cataclysmic solar event draws ever near.

Yeah, that’s right, this is basically Deep Impact but without the special effects, plot, tension, action or anything else.

It’s one boring-ass trudge of a film that’s probably best enjoyed by people who convince themselves they like this sort of thing. You know the type; they wear scarves indoors and never smile.

The acting in this can best be described as ‘moody’ and low key. The camerawork is too close to documentary style to make it anything less than feeling intrusive and, mostly, dull.

The apocalyptic tension is non-existent and, by the time the end of the world comes, you’re feeling so glad it’s finally over. Or at least I was.

I’m not a fan of this film at all and I won’t watch it again if I can help it. Maybe others feel differently, who knows? Maybe you WANNA see Willem Dafoe’s old man balls, I don’t know.



This film details the last couple of days before a global event occurs that will cause an extinction level event.

On or around March 2011, solar activity resulted in vaporising the ozone layer and exposing the planet to deadly radiation. This had the effect of wiping out all life on Earth.

In New York City, suicide numbers rise as the news media ceases broadcasting live content and switches to webcams positioned around the city.