25 Models We Would Love To See On The Victoria Secret Catwalks

In April 2015, France made laws to “ban” thin models, even going so far as to saying fines will be imposed on agencies who promote with models with less than a specified minimum BMI.  The World Health Organization defines a BMI of 18 and under as malnourished. It is estimated that the BMI of an average model is 16! This is based on someone being 5.9 and weiging 110 pounds. France has also made it illegal to promote anorexia on the internet and also made it a legal requirement to indicate when photographs of models have been “body-shopped” and retouched. .


The “body positive” movement has been gathering a lot of momentum, with recently having one of the biggest magazines, Sports Illustrater,  feature Ashley Graham, a plus sized model on their cover. This is a huge step in the right direction, and will encourage more young women to embrace there individual body shapes.

We believe that it’s time for Victoria Secret to finally join in on the “body positive” movement, and feature some gorgeous plus-size models, both on the catwalk and on print