18-year-old Instagram Celebrity Quits Social Media And She Wants You To Know Why

Social media has become a huge part of our lives, and for some it’s become their only joie de vivre.

It shouldn’t be news to you that most people have become highly co-dependent to social media and digital media.  Our cell phones are basically an extension of our hands, and our thumbs are able to type at a speed that would give a  transcriptionist a run for their money.


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Have we finally reached a stage in our world where fiction has overtaken reality?

We constantly seek to be approved by strangers, and for many of these Instagram ‘celebs,’ their entire life is planned around photo opportunities.


This fake world has created a massive hole into the real human experience. We are all so obsessed with everyone else’s life that we do not give our own a chance to flourish. Everyone on social media seems to be constantly doing things in order to impress their friends and followers.


Instagram ‘Celebs’ take this a step further, and are  only motivated in participating in activities that will allow them to construct the perfect picture. This is the only time in the world were people are becoming famous for doing absolutely nothing. Instagram has created a series of ‘do nothing bitches,’ who literally spend their entire teenage life feeding their instagram followers.



Meet Essena O’Neil, a young social media star who has had enough of living inside this imaginary bubble that she has created.  She went from one of the world’s most popular Instagram stars to becoming an advocate against being a Instagram ‘Celeb’


  Last week she has deleted over 2,000 pictures of her Instagram, and has edited the ones she left with real captions “the truth behind the photo”.    O’neils life resembled that of a Celebrity, but sheadmits that it was all fake, and she wants it to stop. She wants to use her time for something more worth while.

She had acquired over half a million Instagram followers, 200,000 YouTube and Tumblr followers and 60,000 Snapchat followers, O’Neil has asked people to stop flouring her, and to join her on a social media revolution.