15 Things That All Scorpios Do!

1.Their always right. 
2. What are mood swings? They are a giant mood swing.
3.  They always get what they want
4. Their great at giving advice, but horrible at taking it
5. They don’t have a lot of patience.
6.They somehow always manage to start an argument
7. They also always win the argument.
7. They like extremes. Everything in the middle is boring.
8. They never forget, and only forgive their family and super close friends.
9. Their hyper sensitive, though their mostly too proud to show that their hurt
10. They question everything and everyone
11. They really try to be happy for others people’s success…but jealousy seems to take over most of
the time.
12. Their Ideas Are Always The Best
13. They Move On To New Things Quickly
14. They Can’t Take Constructive Criticism 
15. People Always Trust Them To Make The Right Decisions.