10 Things To Do Before 30

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There is just no way to avoid turning 30, and for some this aspect can seem daunting and frightening. I think the problem lies in the fear of not having accomplished as much as one wanted too. You might wake up at 30 and look back in sheer frustration and not be able to think of a single thing of which you have done that makes you feel better. So let’s avoid this future whining session and have a look at ten things to do before you’re 30.

Visit Sequoia National Park

California Sequoia National Park is surrounded by sky topping trees and magical waterfalls. The park is famous for its giant Sequoia trees, including one of the largest trees on earth. The tree is estimated to be around 2,500 years old! Imagine that! You are complaining about turning 30 and this tree has lived long enough to see just about everything possible. If standing next to this tree does not bring a new sense of perspective or a sense of wonder and youth, I don’t know what will.

Write a Novel

Writing a novel will be a constant reminder that you have accomplished something—something many people say they will do, but never have the courage to start nor the will to finish. So start today, and have a memoir to look back on when that big day finally arrives.

Sneak into a concert

There are many ways to do this—find out who is working at the venue and either get a job that allows you access into the venue or pose as a journalist or blogger. If all else fails, then simply get someone to distract the security and make a run for it. Even if it all fails and you get reprimanded for it, it still makes for a great story to tell!

Take a cooking class

Whatever your taste palate inspires you to learn, research a place that teaches that specific type of cuisine and learn how to make that delicious meal that you treat yourself to every once in a while. Whether you’re a guy or girl, single or taken, being a good cook will take you a long way. And as Walter Savage Landor said, “A good cook is the peculiar gift of the gods.”

Adopt a pet

Whether you opt for a big responsible such as a cat or a dog, or want something that requires less attention such as a hamster or even a goldfish, all will give your life a sense of bigger purpose. Something smaller and more vulnerable now relies entirely on you. That greater sense of responsibility and love will allow you to start seeing the world through different eyes. You will learn to be more compassionate in the purest of forms. I once read a Native American proverb that said your soul cannot be complete until you have loved an animal.

Visit Hawaii

There is nothing quite as breathtaking as Hawaii. From the moment you exit the airport you are greeted with friendly smiles and once in your hotel, you’re given a fresh flower leis, which will be placed around your neck. The visuals of Hawaii will intoxicate and rejuvenate your entire senses from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. Watching one of the most beautiful sunsets on earth while enjoying a Mai-Tai at a luau is as pretty close to heaven as it gets.

Learn to Play the Guitar

Learning to play a musical instrument is something that almost everyone has contemplated at one point in their life, usually at a younger age, when it all seemed possible. It seems like you reach a point in your life where you start telling yourself that it’s too late to learn how to play an instrument. But that’s just negativity and the truth is that learning the guitar as an adult is a lot easier than as a child. You have now had years of exposure to all kinds of music, naturally developing a more musical ear, making it easier to pick up things you learn.

Take an Acting Cass

Like The Smiths say, “Shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to.” Which I very much agree with, and which is why I think taking an acting class will not only take away shyness but increase your confidence, which can help you to finally do all the things you want to. Sometimes we don’t act upon our full potential because we lack the confidence and, surprisingly, attending a weekly acting class will really help cure so many of your confidence issues.

Learn a new language

It’s great to be able to communicate in another language—so many doors will open for you. And if you enjoy traveling, then having that extra language will make traveling even more enjoyable. If you’re not sure what language to learn, think about the places you would like to visit and find out what they speak there. I recommend learning Spanish as it is spoken by more than one third of the world.


They say you need to give before you can receive, so start giving and see how volunteering can lead to be a very rewarding experience. There are many ways to volunteer and many are easily found by simply Googling volunteering opportunities. Especially during this festive time lots of opportunities are arising.